Have A Holly Jolly Christmas, It’s The Best Time Of The Year!

And it’s time to start getting into the spirit of things by decorating your home for the holidays, if you haven’t already. Even if you have already gotten most of your decorating done, there’s never any harm in doing a bit more!

For anyone who has yet to trim the tree (or maybe you haven’t gotten a tree yet?), there are so many fun choices for the decor!

First thing- decide whether you want a real or artificial tree.
Real trees smell like Christmas and come in many various heights and widths. You can find the exact perfect tree for you, and make a family outing of getting your tree. Artificial trees also come in different sizes and last several years. With good care, an artificial tree could last a decade or more. You can also find them pre-lit, saving you the trouble of tangling with the lights. If you get an artificial tree you may be sparing 80 real trees in your lifetime.

Next you should decide whether you want the standard green tree (real or artificial), or a white tree.
Green trees are more traditional and probably much more reminiscent of the one you had growing up. Artificial green trees also look more life like than white ones.
White trees are like a blank slate. They go well with any color ornaments, and are very fun if you want your tree to be a bit more unique.

Next, pick two or three colors for your tree and home decor. You could do several colors but that can look too busy.
Choose one or two “neutrals” such as white, gold, or silver. These all pair well with red or green. You could also pick your own combination such as blue and silver but be aware of how that will look with your wall colors. The traditional colors will always look festive but blue and silver decor in a purple room will look a bit less Christmas-y.

Choose ornaments in each of your colors or mix and match. For example you could do red ornamental balls, gold bows, red ribbon garland, gold glitter snowflakes, red poinsettias, and a gold tree topper. Pick a tree skirt in both of your colors or maybe just white to look like snow.

If you have children they are undoubtedly going to make some sort of ornament or decoration. And that popsicle stick snowflake is so precious but it simply doesn’t go well with your other decor. Of course you don’t want to hurt their feelings so you must find something to do with it. I have a few suggestions.
1. Encourage them to make decorations with you. You can pick the project, colors and materials that will actually look great on your tree.
2. Put that snowflake up on your tree! Tell them you love it and could they show you how they made it. Grab some popsicle sticks of your own and make a full set so it actually adds to your tree.
3. Get them their own tree. You can find a mini tree at Walmart for around $10. This way they can put all their decorations to use, and they will love being in charge of decorating a tree exactly how they want to.

Don’t forget the cocoa and Christmas music while you trim the tree!



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