Housekeeping Is Rewarding!

Or at least it can be.
You work hard baking the most delicious cookies ever and decorating them to the point where you start thinking you should have your own magazine, and then your husband comes home and says nothing. The only way you even know that he noticed is by the crumbs he left on the counter for you.
Or you just get done cleaning the house and he walks in, tracking mud all over your fresh carpet.
You’re probably feeling like your hard work was for nothing, but I have a solution for that! No, I can’t really help you make him less oblivious or more enthusiastic, but I can tell you how I make it feel worth it.
Reward yourself! Yes, a clean house should be it’s own reward, blah blah blah, but that’s not always enough to get you to put down the coffee, get off the couch, and get to work!
Make a plan. “If I clean up the kitchen, and put all the dishes away, I will sit down at the table and do that craft project I’ve been wanting to do.” Or “If I clean the bathroom, scrub the sink AND the toilet, I will treat myself to a bubble bath this evening.”
I know personally I’m more eager to do the work if I get a fun little break after. Don’t feel guilty about having to reward yourself! Your husband and the working women do it too. “As soon as I send out all these emails I’ll go grab another coffee.” “I’m not going to take my lunch break until all this paperwork is filed.”
So think about what you really WANT to do and then only allow yourself to do it if you get the things you NEED to do done. You’ll feel accomplished and have a good time!
I would love to hear how you reward yourself and how you feel after a day of using this plan!


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